Arctic Technology

Centre for Arctic Technology – ARTEK – is an education and research institution in Sisimiut affiliated with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The centre has existed since 2000 and has educated arctic engineers since 2001. In addition to educational work, the centre carries out research in the field of arctic technology and takes part in a number of national and international collaborations.   


Research is centred on the development of new technology adapted to the arctic region. Special focus is placed on the areas ‘Building and Construction’ and ‘Environment and Planning’. Among other projects, ARTEK is responsible for the construction of a low-energy house, experiments with wind power and the setup of a solar heating system on Knud Rasmussens Folk High School in Sisimiut.


Many of ARTEKs projects focus on energy efficiency and on sustainability and thereby contribute to the development of climate-friendly technologies adapted to Greenland’s needs and conditions. Efforts are also dedicated to finding ways of making use of the resources that are in abundant in the country such as solar energy, wind and hydropower. This contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limits the dependency on imported fossil fuels. The aim is to expand research beyond Greenlandic borders and to contribute to the development of new technologies that benefit the entire arctic region.


You can read more about ARTEK’s work and about the Engineering Education in Arctic Technology here. You can also find more information about DTU’s work with arctic technology through the Centre for Polar Activities here.

Arktisk Teknologi

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