Civil Society

Civil society makes an important contribution to the public debate about future challenges related to climate change. Avataq, the Greenland Nature and Environment Association, and Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) are two important actors in Greenlandic civil society. Both are working to strengthen the public debate about climate change and encourage everyone to take part in the common challenges related to reducing emissions.


Avataq is Greenland’s Nature and Environment Association. The association works to increase knowledge about and interest in the environment among the broad public and has as part of this also been involved in the debate about climate change. Avataq supports a holistic approach to protecting the environment and considers the challenges associated with climate change to be an integrated part of this.


Inuit Cicumpolar Council (ICC) supports Inuit rights in the arctic region. The organisation has made itself known in the climate debate in Greenland and abroad, as it calls for attention to the way that climate change impact people’s living conditions and the resulting need for adaptation.


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