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Business plays an important role when it comes to taking initiative and assuming responsibility in a society faced with climate change. This is especially so, as new energy-intensive industries are expected to emerge. 


CSR – or Corporate Social Responsibility - refers to the idea that business and industry havea wider sense of responsibility for the society in which they operate. In Greenland, the association CSR Greenland was established in 2010 as a collaboration between a number of Greenlandic companies. The aim of the association is to motivate business and industry to take on new initiatives and to cooperate for mutual benefit in the search for climate-related solutions.


’Clean Greenland – Green Companies’

CSR Greenland has formed a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund Denmark (WWF Denmark) called Clean Greenland – Green Companies. The partnership aims to enhance the conscientiousness and capacity of selected Greenlandic companies in order to make them better capable of dealing with environmental challenges and reducing their carbon footprint.


Royal Greenland

Royal Greenland is one of Greenland’s largest companies with an annual turnover of almost 5 billion DKK and hence constitutes an important actor in the Greenlandic fishing industry. As part of comprehensive CSR efforts, the company is working to reduce its emission of greenhouse gasses. You can read more about Royal Greenland’s climate initiatives here


Polar Seafood

Polar Seafood is Greenland’s second largest fishing company with factories and fishing fleets along the west coast. The company strives to reduce emissions from all parts of its operations. You can find more information about Polar Seafood’s CSR initiatives here.                                  


Royal Arctic Line

Royal Arctic Line has concessions covering shipping to and from Greenland and between towns. While maritime transport is a relatively energy efficient way of moving cargo and products over long distances, the fossil fuel requirements in arctic conditions are often higher as compared with other climatic regions. The company was not satisfied with the fuel efficiency of its fleet in 2012 and hence works to improve this in 2013. You can read more about Royal Arctic Line here.

Air Greenland

Air Greenland is responsible for the majority of transportation by air in Greenland – a sector that is of crucial importance to Greenland due to the limited possibilities for transportation by land. Being responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions,  the company strives to reduce is CO2 emissions and is one of the few businesses to publish its carbon footprint, i.e. its annual emissions of greenhouse gasses. You can read more about Air Greenland’s work in the area of climate and energy and see their annual report, in which their emissions are presented here.

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