Efforts to Reduce

Efforts are made to strengthen Greenland’s green profile, increase awareness about climate change among the population and move the country in a more sustainable direction. While municipalities promote sustainability at a local level, a national campaign targets individual citizens in its attempt to promote climate-friendly behaviour. In both cases, the aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the efficiency of energy consumption where possible. 


Local Initiatives

Municipalities work to advance climate-friendly initiatives and behaviour in local communities. Qeqqata municipality has developed a holistic sustainability vision in which energy efficiency is also promoted. The idea is to start locally and thereby inspire other municipalities to ways of encouraging sustainability in administration and development at the local level. In Sermersooq municipality similar work is ongoing with the formulation of a Plan of Action for Climate and Energy. The plan of action will enhance the municipality’s work in this area and will ensure that climate and energy perspectives are incorporated in future efforts and initiatives.


Climate Campaign

The Government encourages everyone to take part in the common challenge of reducing the country’s CO2 -emissions. A climate campaign was aired in the spring of 2013 aimed at the population at large. Through a series of cartoons publicised in different newspapers and magazines, the campaign promoted climate-friendly behaviour and encouraged everyone to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels, where possible. You can see an example here: 


Klimakampagne KAL

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