Citizens, businesses, institutions, associations, municipalities and others can apply for funds to support  projects that aim to strengthen knowledge and development within renewable energy and energy efficiency and for projects that disseminate information about the impacts of climate change.

The VEK pool stands for "development projects within renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate”.

Among others, the VEK pool supports projects aimed at:

•    Increasing the production and consumption of renewable energy
•    Showing how energy efficiency can be put into practice
•    Strengthening the population’s knowledge of climate change and climate adaptation
•    Disseminating information about renewable energy supply, energy efficiency, climate change and climate adaptation

To receive a grantfrom the VEK pool, the following conditions must as a minimum be met:

•    As a rule, the project should take place in Greenland
•    Usually, at least 50 percent of the project costs should be covered by other sources
•    The project should be consistent with the climate and energy policy of Naalakkersuisut, the Government of Greenland
•    Project results and experiences should be disseminated in order for others to benefit from them as well
•    The project should create new knowledge or break down barriers in relation to renewable energy or energy savings

Applications will be processed continuously. The grant is paid when the project is completed or - in the case of multiannual projects - when the expenditure for the year is defrayed or the status report is approved.

Take your time on the application
The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Justice will gladly enter into a dialogue with potential applicants and discuss possible project scenarios. The Ministry offers advice on how to fill out the application. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Ministry early on in the application process. Inquiries can be made in writing to or by telephone to +299 34 50 00 (switchboard).

Not available in English.

Use application form for the VEK pool (not available in English) for the final submission. Use reporting form for the VEK pool (not available in English) when the project is finished or at the end of the year.

Previously supported projects
Below is an overview of the projects that have received grants since 2012.

Reduction of diesel consumption
Reduction of the consumption of diesel oil and adaptation to climate change in the Ipiutaq Guest Farm.
Project period: 2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 32,500

Test of hybrid bus and fleet management system
Nuup Bussii tests diesel-electric bus in Nuuk. Test of fleet management equipment in correlation with driving style.
Project period: 2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 220,000

LED fixtures for crab factory
Energy efficiency by switching to LED light fixtures in connection with renovation of the Royal Greenland crab factory in Sisimiut.
Project period: 2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 60,000

Clean Greenland – Green Companies
The reduction of greenhouse gases through strategic environmental management in companies. Read about the project results in the magazine “På vej mod et mere rent Grønland” (not available in English).
Project period: 2013-2015
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 378,798

"Midnight sun" - solar power cells
Energy efficiency and solar power cells in the Seamen’s Home in Aasiaat.
Project period: 2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 50,000

Data used for the climate adaptation effort
Preliminary study for project on data used for the climate adaptation effort in Greenland
Project period: 2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 29,082

Geothermic energy in Qaqortoq and Narsaq
It is estimated in the study that savings will be achieved by replacing or relieving the pressure on the existing district heating electric boilers in Qaqortoq and Narsaq with geothermic heating systems - in spite of the relatively large investment costs.
In several places, the study highlights that insulation may be a better investment than a geothermic heating system. Among other things, this is due to the fact that the costs per saved kWh are often lower in connection with insulation than with a geothermic heating system.
Furthermore, the study highlights that investing in geothermic energy can reduce the need for developing other energy sources, such as hydro power.
The amendments to the report show that the recent changes in electricity and oil prices mean that private households with oil-fired boilers can achieve a reduction in heating costs by switching to a geothermic heating system. However, the cost reduction is assessed to be so small that this is not economically interesting for individual households.
Visit the Greenlandic or Danish webpage to download reports.
Project period: 2013-2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 178,018

Climate campaigns
Public information campaign to increase awareness of the link between consumption of fossil fuels and emissions of CO2.
Project period: 2014
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 407,907

Natural Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
Identification and mapping of resources and technologies in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy that are based on natural products and processes. Cheap, low-tech and environmentally friendly use of renewable energy that can be broadly exploited. Get more information on the project's website.
Project period: 2011-2013
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 553,300

Electric cars as an actual alternative in Nuuk
The purpose of the project was to clarify what barriers stand in the way of the distribution of electric cars and what suitable actions can be carried out to promote electric cars in Greenland. The starting point was why the number of electric cars in Nuuk is so low. Electric cars are well-suited for Nuuk where electricity is provided by hydro power and where the road network is limited. In addition, tests with electric cars had already been carried out in Nuuk, and the experiences were good. Visit the Greenlandic or Danish webpage to download reports.
Project period: 2013
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 199,260

Lighthouse project VI
The purpose of the project was to contribute to further knowledge development in relation to the use of solar and wind energy in Greenland. The project built on previous 'lighthouse projects'.
A solar demonstration system was installed on a single-family home in Sisimiut. The system was connected to the public supply network. It consisted of 30 multi-crystalline solar panels of 235 Wp. The system was assessed to produce approx. 7,000 kWh/year, which is twice as much as an average family in Greenland consumes on an annual basis.
New equipment was purchased and tested to get better measurements of wind conditions at the installed test wind generator in Sarfannguit. The existing wind measurement station in Nanortalik was upgraded. In addition, equipment for two new measurement stations on the north and the south side of the island of Nanortalik were purchased and tested.
The aim of upgrading and expanding the Nanortalik measurement program was to get higher quality measurements with a wider geographical spread. This made it possible to use the measurements for validation of wind, weather and climate models.
Download the case report on Lighthouse project VI from the Danish webpage (in Danish only).
Project period: 2012
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 390,000

Regulation on home power generation
The purpose of the project was to prepare a regulation on the supply and sale of surplus electricity from privately owned renewable energy installations to the collective supply network. External advisers prepared an overall cost-benefit analysis. The advisers also assisted in drafting the regulation.
Project period: 2012
Grant from the VEK pool: DKK 256,900

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